Ausgrid Defects Resolution

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD: Your Trusted Partner in Electrical Safety

Discovering an Ausgrid defect notice can be unsettling
but addressing it promptly and correctly is crucial for
your safety and compliance. At Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD, we specialise in rectifying electrical defects
identified by Ausgrid, ensuring that your electrical
installations meet the highest standards of safety and

Understanding Ausgrid Defects

Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD: Expertise in Defect Rectification

Prompt and Efficient Service

Understanding the urgency, our team promptly responds to your needs, ensuring that the rectification process begins well within the critical 21-day window.

Level 2 ASP Accreditation:

As a Level 2 ASP,
Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD is fully qualified to address
all types of Ausgrid defects. Our accreditation ensures
that we have the skills, knowledge, and authorisation to
perform these critical repairs and upgrades.

Comprehensive Safety Checks

Our approach goes beyond mere compliance. We conduct thorough safety checks and assessments to ensure that every aspect of your electrical system is up to standard, offering you peace of mind.

Seamless Coordination with Ausgrid

We handle all necessary communications and coordination with Ausgrid, ensuring that your rectification process is smooth and hassle-free.

Why Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD is Your Ideal Choice

Unmatched Expertise

With over 16 years in the electrical trade, our depth of knowledge and experience makes us adept at handling a wide range of electrical defects.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritise your safety and satisfaction. Our team takes the time to explain the defect, the required rectifications, and any preventive measures to avoid future issues.

Quality and Compliance Guaranteed

Our work is not just about fixing a problem; it’s about ensuring long-term safety and compliance with the highest industry standards.

Act Now for a Safer Tomorrow

Electrical defects are more than just compliance issues;
they are potential safety hazards. Choosing Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD means opting for a quick, efficient,
and comprehensive resolution to your Ausgrid defects.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTDtoday for expert assistance with your Ausgrid defects and take the first step towards a safer,
compliant electrical future.

Your electrical installations do not comply with the safety requirements of your retailer or supplier authorities if you have received an electrical defect notice. A retailer or supplier authority can issue these following a reported incident on your premises or as a result of routine inspections.

If you receive a defect, you must contact a Level 2 electrician within 21 days of receiving the notice.

Elevated Electrical has years of experience working with retailers, and supply authorities have given us a thorough understanding of the process and work required to rectify any issue. You can count on our team of experts to fix all kinds of defects!

Why Do We Need Defects And Rectification Services:

Significant safety hazards are associated with electrical defects, and they can also damage expensive equipment. Planning, designing, and installing an electrical system can cause significant problems.

These are some signs that you might be in need of our assistance:

There are several sources of electrical defects:

What will Happen If Defect Rectification Does Not Undertake?

You must repair defects within 21 days of notification to avoid disconnecting your electricity supply. Such a problem is undesirable, so you should ensure that the repairs are done on time and according to NSW standards and regulations.

Why Elevated Electrical For Defect Rectification?

A Level 2 electrician from Elevated Electrical provides safe and reliable defect repair services. We offer the following benefits-

We are available 24/7

High-quality services

Transparent pricing

Management of time

Defect Rectification with the proper process

Electrician with Level 2 accreditation

Need A Expert For Defect Rectification?

You’re in good hands with Elevated Electrical Level 2 ASP electricians in Newcastle. Level 2 electricians possess the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience. You can count on us to ensure that your home’s electrical system is in proper working order and to clear your electrical defect notice.

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