Electrical Metering Installation

Are you looking to save energy and money on electricity bills and power? Then you are in the right place. The electricity meter box is essential for electricity distribution to residential and commercial properties. It allows us to know the proper usage of storage or consumption of electricity.

Finding a dependable level 2 service provider to install a new meter is essential. Elevated Electricals has unsurpassed experience and skill to suggest the best innovative metering products based on your lifestyle, energy demands, and budget.

What Is The Purpose Of Electrical Metering?

The electric meter records the electricity used in a given area to calculate the bill. It can determine the amount electricity retailers should charge for people’s electricity consumption based on the data collected from metering. An energy retailer receives the kWh, or energy consumed, measured by meters during a billing period. Meter readers occasionally inspect electricity meters at sites.

Installation Of Electrical Metering

The use of electricity meters at home or work allows you to keep track of your electricity consumption. Electricity providers monitor your usage through meter boxes mounted on the side of your home or building.

The type of meter you choose depends on your usage or situation. A level 2 electrician licence allows us to install any electricity meter.

Installation Of Single-Phase And Three-Phase Meters

A switchboard upgrade can include the replacement of old meters, if necessary. Also, if you intend to run three-phase equipment, we can replace your one-phase meter with a three-phase.

Meters That Operate Off-peak

It might be wise to install an off-peak meter if your hot water needs are not high during the day. You will pay a high electricity rate during peak periods for heating your hot water tank. During off-peak times when electricity demand is low, off-peak meter installations will enable water to be heated overnight.

The result may be a reduction in your electricity bill. Off-peak meters do not require any modifications to your water heater or plumbing.
Upon installation of the meter, your switchboard will go through modification.

The Solar Metering System

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. Having solar panels and installing electricity meters helps to save money and improve the environment.You will also need a solar meter to install solar panels. Your electricity generation will be recorded by these.

The electricity that is surplus can be sent back into the grid. To determine what type of electricity meter you need for your solar panel installation, you will need to know the kind of installation.

Meters With Smart Technology

Smart digital meters can be beneficial when trying to save money and reduce your electricity consumption. Remotely monitoring electricity usage is possible with one of these meters.

Whenever you aren’t home, you can turn it off. A notification will also be sent to your provider if an issue arises.

As a result, meter readers will no longer have to read the data from these devices to determine your energy consumption. Electricity providers receive the data remotely.

Why Elevated Electrical for Electrical Metering Installation?

Elevated Electrical provides safe and reliable electrical metering Installation services with a professional level 2 electrician. Below are a few benefits of choosing us.

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Need Fast And Reliable Electrical Metering Installation Services?

Elevated Electrical provides skilled electricians qualified to perform any electrical metering  installation. As an electrical company, we strive to provide affordable, safe, and long-lasting services to our customers.

You can trust us to install high-quality meters that comply with industry standards in your home or business. You can manage your electricity usage and costs by using smart meters. Professional service providers constantly strive to meet the needs of their most valued clients.

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