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At Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD, we recognise that
safety and precision are paramount in any construction,
renovation, or upgrade project. Our
Disconnect/Reconnect (Disco/Reco) services are
designed to provide seamless, safe, and efficient
electrical management, ensuring that other trades can
work without the risk of live electrical hazards.

The Need for Professional Disconnect/Reconnect Services

Why Choose Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD?

Expertise & Accreditation

As Level 2 ASP accredited professionals, we have the expertise and authorization to handle high-risk electrical connections safely. This means we can manage power lines that regular electricians cannot.

Comprehensive Service

Our services often go beyond just disconnecting and reconnecting. We utilize these opportunities to perform upgrades like installing new smart meters, and enhancing the overall electrical system efficiency.

Safety & Compliance

Safety is our top priority. We ensure that all disconnect/reconnect procedures comply with the highest safety standards, protecting both the tradespeople on site and the integrity of your property’s electrical system.

Efficient Coordination

We understand the importance of keeping your project on schedule. Our team works efficiently to ensure minimal downtime, coordinating closely with other trades to align our services with their timelines.

Elevating Your Project with Expert Power Management

Whether you are a roofer, builder, painter, pool
installer, or another electrician, Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD is your go-to partner for safe and efficient
electrical disconnect/reconnect services. Our expertise
not only ensures safety but also provides an
opportunity to upgrade and improve your electrical

Ready to partner with a team that prioritises safety,
efficiency, and quality in electrical services? Contact
Elevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD for your next Disco/Reco
need and experience the peace of mind that comes
with expert electrical management.

Hazardous electrical installations and property changes resulting in line disconnections and reconnections can cause connection issues.

Besides hazardous electrical installations, you may also need to disconnect and reconnect the electrical system if your property undergoes many renovations. It is often necessary to shut down the power permanently in certain circumstances. It is imperative to remove electricity from demolition sites.

It’s always a good idea to remove cabling or live connections with the expertise of a Level 2 electrician.

Elevated Electrical can provide Disconnect/Reconnect Point of Attachment electrical services with a licensed and professional Level 2 electrician.

Disconnect/Reconnect Point of Attachment Situations:

Our Level 2 electricians perform disconnect and reconnect wires in the following examples-

How Does a Power Reconnection Work?

Temporary disconnections are fixed and restored quickly, whereas permanent disconnections may involve removing metres and electrical switchboards. Similarly, they are helpful in situations like repairing or upgrading overhead power lines and underground cables.

An electrician at Level 2 is required when constructing a commercial or residential property, renovating and installing a new meter, or if storm damage strikes a power line. Level 2 electricians are the only qualified and approved to perform the required repairs, instalments, and maintenance.

Reconnecting power from a disconnected main has inherent risks. To maintain safety, it is imperative that each electrician is equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment, as well as following stringent safety procedures.

It is always a good idea to call level 2 electricians if you suspect that your main power supply has been affected by damage or a lack of maintenance.

What Is The Process Of Reconnection Of Power?

It is necessary to temporarily disconnect the main power supply at the connection point when repairing, installing, or performing general maintenance across power lines. The network will be re-established once the area has been deemed safe.

By implementing strict safety protocols, we ensure the safety of the public and our contractors. When reconnecting the power, we follow stringent procedures.

Point Of Attachment Relocation, Removal, Or Replacement

The point of attachment of an overhead service cable is where it connects to your property. Typically, it connects to fascia boards, roof apex, private poles, private pillars, or switchboards from the street’s network.

An electrician qualified at Level 2 must perform any electrical connection or disconnection if this point is to be relocated, removed, or replaced.

Again, a general electrician cannot disconnect and reconnect service cables as part of the process. If you move to a new property, switch to an underground electrical system, or replace a private power pole, you may require this service.

Why Elevated Electrical For Disconnect/Reconnect Point of Attachment?

Elevated Electrical is a licensed, experienced, and reputable electrician. Our attention to detail ensures a site is safe and secure during a disconnection or a reconnection. We deliver outstanding electricity services as a licensed and professional electrician.

Here are a few more benefits of working with us.

Friendly & Fast Electricians

Reliable & Upfront Honest Pricing

Availability 24*7

Cleanliness is Our Top Priority

Efficient & Certified Level 2 Electricians