Temporary Builders Supply

Powering Your Projects with Precision

Essential Power for Essential Projects

When you’re building the future, you need a foundation
of reliable power. Elevated Electrical understands the critical role of Temporary Builders
Supply (TBS) in construction and development projects.
Our TBS services are designed to power your site
efficiently, safely, and compliantly from the ground up.

What is a Temporary Builder’s Power Supply?

Elevated Electrical: Your TBS Experts

Comprehensive Installation:

Our rugged, easily deployable kiosks are designed to withstand the rigours of any construction site, ensuring your power supply is always secure and accessible.

Level 2 ASP Expertise:

As accredited service providers, our electricians are well-versed in the protocols of leading electricity suppliers. We ensure that your TBS setup is fully compliant with Australian Electrical Safety Regulations, regardless of your electricity provider.

Tailored Power Solutions:

From single-phase options for domestic builds to more robust three-phase setups for larger projects, we cater to every scale. For projects utilizing heavy machinery, our three-phase power supplies offer the high capacity needed for efficient operation.

Why Choose Elevated Electrical for TBS?

shield - Temporary Builders Supply

Safety and Compliance First:

We prioritize safety and adherence to regulations in every TBS installation, giving you peace of mind that your construction site is powered safely and legally.

electrician - Temporary Builders Supply

Efficient and Reliable

Our team ensures that your TBS is set up quickly and functions reliably throughout your project, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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Customer-Centric Approach

AtElevated Electrical & Automation PTY LTD, we understand that every construction project is unique. We work closely with you to understand your specific power needs and provide a solution that fits perfectly.

Powering Your Progress

With Elevated Electrical, you get more than
just a temporary power supply; you get a partnership
that understands the importance of keeping your
project on track. Our Temporary Builders Supply
services are designed to be as robust and dynamic as
the projects they power.
Contact us today to discuss your TBS needs and
experience the Elevated Electrical difference
in powering your next construction project.

Is your construction underway? A new home-building project can be stressful. There are many things to consider. In construction work where no other electricity source is available, builders use a temporary power supply or TBS (Temporary builders supply) for electricity on-site.

Elevated Electrical provides temporary builders’ supply if you want to use electricity on a short-term basis with proper techniques and safety instructions.

What Is A Temporary Builder's Power Supply?

Installation Of Temporary Builder’s Supply

Why Elevated Electrical For Temporary Builders Supply?

Elevated Electrical provides you one of the  best temporary builders’ supply solutions. We help you get the most effective power supply resolution while your building is under construction. Here are a few benefits of working with us-

24 hours emergency contact electrician

Reliable and high-quality services

Level 2 Accredited Service Provider Electricians

Professional assistance with good time management.

It is our priority to ensure safety, reliability, & customer satisfaction