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Are you wondering how advanced Level 2 Electricians differ from regular Electricians in terms of their qualifications and technical electrical capabilities?

An Electrician with this type of training connects and disconnects power from the electrical grid. As these tasks are potentially hazardous, a highly experienced and qualified individual must be employed.

To competently perform contestable works the electrician must be a Level 2 Authorised/Accredited Service Provider.

Do you need a licensed Level 2 Electrical Contractor for installation or repairs? Are you considering upgrading your current electrical supply?

Elevated Electrical is proud to offer solutions for all requirements, regardless of complexity or scale.

We prioritise our customers’ needs and hence build long-lasting relationships with them. We provide Level 2 Asp electrical services across Newcastle for residential homes and businesses.

Providing comprehensive Level 2 Asp Electrical Services

An experienced electrician holding Level 2 ASP certification is qualified to execute overhead and underground electric services. As the power supply network is complex, it necessitates technical proficiency and in-depth comprehension of electric safety protocols.

Disconnect and reconnect the power supply

It includes the reconfiguration of service lines at the junction.
Various circumstances, such as upgrades, repairs, maintenance, or defect notices, may require disconnecting and reconnection of an electrical supply to a building or premises.

You should conduct a detailed and relevant inspection at the respective attachment points, connection, and power source when dealing with residential settings, such as private power poles, pillars, and building facades.

Provide a temporary power supply

Our experienced electricians can connect generators and cables to accommodate your usage requirements and set up a temporary power supply at your worksite or business in Newcastle.

Relocate and upgrade consumers cables

We relocate and maintain various consumer and electrical cables and assets for clients throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas. Our electricians are safe, efficient, and reliable.

Upgrade from single-phase to three-phase power

At Elevated Electrical, we will have our Level 2 electricians safely remove the old switchboard and install a new 3-phase switchboard. Our Level 2 electricians will then safely connect all the parts, such as the circuit breakers and safety switches, to the new switchboard.

Live work and testing

Electricians perform live work, testing, and inspections on various electrical components, such as lights, switches, consumer mains, power points, and even individual appliances. Our Level 2 electricians have the necessary expertise to inspect more complex electrical systems effectively.

Private upgrades to the power supply

Our Level 2 electricians effectively upgrade home system private upgrades. We offer private power supply upgrades as per the requirements.

High-quality And Trusted Level 2 Asp Electrician Newcastle

The Level 2 electricians based in Newcastle dedicate themselves to providing swift and cost-effective Level 2 electrical services across the Newcastle region. We tailor our electrical services to meet the individual needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients, ensuring a high standard of work.

Why Choose Elevated Electrical

Elevated Electricals is proud to provide Level 2 electrical contractors certified to work on the Ausgrid network, along with quality work and exceptional customer service.

Our experienced team brings several advantages to the table, setting us apart from the competition.

Upfront pricing

We offer upfront and transparent pricing at the beginning of the project.

Licensed & insured

Our Level 2 ASP electricians are licensed and insured to effectively perform any electrical job operation.

Customer satisfaction

Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we strive to achieve that.

On call 24/7

Our team can provide emergency assistance around the clock, seven days a week.


You can be assured of safety and security with us as our technicians are highly professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a level 2 asp electrician different?

A Level 2 electrician possesses higher qualifications than a regular electrician, thus allowing them to perform more technical electrical work. Level 2 electrical tasks are more hazardous and require specialised and certified personnel to execute the job correctly.

How much does a level 2 asp electrician cost?

The cost of the reconnection to the distributor pole depends on the requirements of the work. Similarly the cost of Level 2 Asp electrician depends upon the kind of work.

When will I require a level 2 asp electrician?

When upgrading or repairing power systems or installing metres, you need an electrician with Level 2 ASP certification. Examples of such situations may include increasing power supply to a residential, commercial, or other space by introducing a new service main.
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Need a Level 2 Asp Electrician in Newcastle?

Elevated Electricals is your go-to for handling electrical needs, upgrading electrical infrastructure, and conducting safety analyses in Newcastle. We specialise in Level 2 electrical services, offering solutions such as emergency repair, pole installation and replacement, and overhead and underground wiring.

Rest assured that we are uniquely qualified for all of your electrical requirements. Our Level 2 electricians are fully certified and accredited, providing you with quality, hassle-free electrical services.

If you need Professional Level 2 Services, please contact us immediately.