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Is Your Electrical Switchboard Safe and Up to Date

Safety is always a top priority for homeowners and business owners. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about keeping our home or business safe, electrical safety is essential. By taking some simple precautions, we can help keep our loved ones and property safe from electrical hazards.

The switchboard in your home is responsible for distributing power to the rest of the house. Therefore, it is important to keep it clean and up-to-date. By doing so, you will minimize the risk of fire and ensure the safety of your family.

Signs that a Switchboard is too old

Rust on the panel

If water comes into contact with your electrical switchboard, it can cause rust to form. It can leak into the fuse box if the box is not installed correctly or sealed. Older switchboards are more prone to deterioration and water absorption when they come into contact with water, so be extra careful with them.

Fuse-based electrical panel

When an electrical fault occurs, your switchboard is designed to break the circuit. This is to prevent any further damage from happening to the wiring, as an overloaded circuit can cause a fire. In older properties, you may find porcelain fuses. These are designed to burn and snap when there is a power surge, in order to stop the current flow.

Modern circuit breakers open when a short circuit or overcurrent occurs. When electrical panels don’t work, it is essential to update them.

Old Wiring

Outdated switchboards and components constitute a significant safety hazard. Switchboards usually use black, white, or gray wiring. An indication of good and new wiring is white. You don’t need to upgrade just yet.

A black or gray wire indicates old wiring – a sign that it’s probably time to replace it.

Circuit Breakers Trip Off too Often.

A circuit breaker can be handy in the event of overloads and power spikes. If your circuit breakers continue to trip, you may need to check your switchboard. The switchboard may frequently trip if damaged, especially if it cannot handle the high current demand of small circuits. If your circuit breaker is tripping, a licensed electrician can determine its cause and fix it.

Benefits Of Up-to-date Switchboard

Updating or upgrading appliances usually falls to the bottom of your to-do list. You may not even think about updating your phone until you have no choice.

It is, however, essential to upgrade your switchboard.

Here are some reasons to should up to date your switchboard

Safety first

The first benefit of upgrading your switchboard is improving your home’s safety. It is often old or faulty wiring that causes electrical fires in houses. Systems such as switchboards can have severe consequences if they are no longer functional after expiration. So it is often essential to keep it updated.

Save money

If your circuit breakers malfunction, you may call an emergency electrician regularly. You can save money by upgrading this critical part of your home.

Add value to your home.

It’s a good idea to upgrade your switchboard if you plan to sell your house. A modern, up-to-date switchboard will impress potential buyers, who may be willing to pay more.

Peace of mind

Having everything go out unexpectedly or waiting for an electrician can be frustrating. You can avoid these frustrations with a well-functioning switchboard and have peace of mind.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Switchboard.

Your switchboard is responsible for distributing electricity throughout your property – so it’s a pretty important investment! Keeping it up-to-date is essential to make sure your electrical system is running smoothly.

In addition to protecting your property from power outages and electrical fires, upgrading your switchboard will save you money over the long run. The efficiency of older electrical systems is often much lower than that of newer ones, so upgrading them can save energy bills.

Call our professional electrician if you have any doubts about whether your switchboard needs to be updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the usual signs of trouble? 

Switchboards aren’t coping with current demands.

  • Flickering lights
  • Noticable burning smell
  • Asbestos is present in the switchboard panel
  • Ceramic Fuses 
  • Circuit tripping

How much does it cost to upgrade a switchboard?

You can estimate the cost of repairing a fire-damaged property by comparing it with the cost of upgrading its switchboard. Compared with other appliance upgrades and renovations, a new switchboard is relatively inexpensive.