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The Differences Between Ordinary and Level 2 Electricians

For home and/or property owners, fixing and installing elements involving live electricity can become a complicated, if not downright dangerous, endeavor. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to call in the experts. Professional electricians can guide you and your property through to the most beneficial outcomes for all. Electricians can tackle issues involving basic wiring, safety tests, connection problems – the list goes on!

A confusion which can arise, however, is identifying the type of electrician which would be best to help you and your property. Should you go with a regular electrician? A level 2 electrician? What are the benefits of hiring a level 2 electrician? What sort of differences should you expect from this level of electrician?

We hope this brief introductory guide to the sorts of unique services level 2 electricians can provide will add some clarity to your decision making process. 

What Exactly is an Ordinary (Level 1) Electrician?

Before we can establish what a level 2 electrician is, and the added benefits and services they can provide, it is important to understand what sort of tasks you can expect even a lower level, ordinary, electrician to be capable of performing. 

Ordinary, or level 1, electricians can take on basic jobs involving electrical work. However, as the level numbers would indicate, level 1 electricians have completed less training than their level 2 colleagues. Level 1 electricians are still able to handle circuitry and wiring problems, loose switches, safety assessments, and system upgrades, though. These lowest level, ordinary electricians typically focus on repair and maintenance jobs for residential and workplace properties. They can even specialize in a specific field of electricity. Check their website and other contact info for more concerning their individuals skills, talents, and professional foci.

Level 2 Electricians

Now that we’ve established what, exactly, a level 1 electrician is capable of performing – we can now move on to the enhanced capabilities of level 2 electricians. As one would expect from the higher number level, level 2 electricians have gone through a more rigorous certification and qualification process than their lower level counterparts. Therefore, level 2 electricians have been cleared to carry out more advanced tasks for property owners and caretakers.

Level 2 electricians undergo specific training regimens to obtain an official license to perform such repairs, maintenance, and level 2 electrical installation processes across a wide range of exciting electrical components. These components include – but are certainly not limited to – overhead and underground electrical work and power supply, primarily performed in order to connect properties to electrical supply networks. These specific abilities are what set them apart from level 1 electricians.

How Level 2 Electricians Receive Their (ASP) Electrical Qualification

For an electrician to reach the heights of level 2, they need to receive a Level 2 ASP Electrical Qualification. This qualification allows them to both maintain and ensure the safety and quality of electrical networks, connections, and distributors. Only Accredited Services Provider Level 2 (ASP) administered by NSW Trade & Investment are legally permitted to perform such complex and intricate work. 

Services Level 2 Electricians Offer

Smart Metering

Level 2 electricians who meet the required qualifications, accreditations, and certifications are able to install smart meters at various sorts of properties. Power meters, as their name would imply, help energy companies keep track of buildings’ power usage. In turn, these power meters help companies determine how much, exactly, they should be charging their customers for the electrical service. Level 2 electricians can install power meters either indoors or outdoors, depending on the specific property’s design concept, location, and layout.

Disconnection and Reconnection

Level 2 electricians are also capable of connecting customer properties to electrical networks using overhead or underground lines. Additionally, these higher level electricians can reconnect these lines in order to reestablish a power source for a building. Disconnection and reconnection can become necessary when electricians need to carry out certain sorts of safety tests or install electrical system upgrades.

Power Upgrades

Speaking of power upgrades – level 2 electricians with the right accreditations can perform them as well! Level 2 electricians can take a residential property, for example, from a single phase setup to a 3 phase upgrade. These sorts of upgrades involve changing the property’s entire wiring system, and therefore requires specialist tools, knowledge, and experience only level 2 electricians can wield and provide. Power upgrades such as these can increase a property’s output – allowing for higher power usage levels within the building.

Cable Repairs

Level 2 electricians can repair weather damaged cables as well. Circumstances such as extreme temperatures and other conditions can cause cable deterioration, which in turn can cause inner copper wire exposure. Dangerous inner wire exposure such as this, of course, can create hundreds of hazards. If you are aware of this sort of wire exposure creeping up around your property – a qualified level 2 electrician professional should be called upon without delay!


We hope this brief guide highlighting the key differences between ordinary and level 2 electricians – and the very different sorts of services they are capable (& legally able) to provide – has proven enlightening for you.

If your residential or commercial property is in need of the sorts of services a level 2 electrician can provide – please do not hesitate to reach out!

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