New Consumer Mains

Are you having problems like frequent power outages, or facing any dangers like fire hazards? It’s time to check out the consumer mains of your property.

Modern buildings and homes require more power due to the increasing number of electrical appliances. The outdated consumer mains get overloaded easily when multiple devices are on simultaneously. 

Additionally, older cabling is more likely to lack consumer mains than newer ones—there is a much higher risk of electrical hazards when cables are older than 45 years.

Elevated Electrical provides skilled electricians to install or upgrade new consumer mains for better electrical flow of your building.

What Is A Consumer Main?

In an electrical installation, consumer mains play a crucial role. The switchboard of the building and the property could not function without them.

There are consumer mains in the main switchboard of every building. An electrical switchboard connects to a building via electrical supply cables.

These conductors run between a pillar and the premise’s main switchboard in electrical installations.

The Dangers Of Old Consumer Mains

Traditionally, consumer mains were built to suit their time. As a result, many outdated systems cannot cope with today’s power needs.

It can lead to many adverse problems for consumer cables, as they are more likely to overheat. Older consumer mains can pose the following dangers and difficulties:


The presence of high voltage in older cables can be fatal. It does not matter whether the wires are connected or not; the lines are still dangerous and can cause severe problems.

Fire Hazards:

An electrical fire can occur when faulty cables receive too much voltage.

Power Outages:

If the consumer mains are overworked, the voltage can exceed its capacity. The consumer mains are often to blame for most outages caused by power issues. As a result, they will fail to keep up with all the electrical appliances in use/requiring power.

The Benefits Of Upgrading Consumer Mains

The new consumer mains upgrade can have several benefits for a home. The power cables and service lines provide power to the electrical switchboard.

With a switchboard and consumer mains upgrade, a house’s power supply can become safe and reliable.

Our ASP or Level 2 certified electricians perform safe and secure new consumer mains upgrades.

Upgrades for consumer mains have the following main benefits:

Installation of New Consumer Mains

You can do this within the roof cavity where the overhead mains cable is attached to the network, or you can do it underground through a private pole near your property boundary, a private pillar box, or even a street light.

An ASP Level 2 electrician or a licensed electrician can install a consumer mains cabling system. Electricians with ordinary licences cannot connect consumer mains to supply networks.

Why Choose Elevated Electrical For New Consumer Mains

Having decades of experience and knowledge in specialised electrical work, our certified level 2 electrical contractors are the best in the business.

Our fast and efficient work enables us to install and connect your consumer mains in one visit, saving you money. Here are a few following benefits of working with us.

Licensed & Professional Electrician

24*7 Availability for all the Emergency Services

Safety Inspection of Electrical Equipment.

On-time Services

Quality Workmanship

Need Professional New Consumer Mains Installation?

Elevated Electrical provides the highest quality service on time and on budget for all your electrical requirements. It is a great idea to check the consumer mains cable if you think your appliances aren’t running at total capacity. We help you upgrade and check the new consumer mains with reliable and sincere electricians. You can count on us for all electrical installations of new consumer mains.

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